5 Ways Auto Dealerships Should Use Google My Business

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  1. Update Your Google My Business Information Regularly

One serious mistake industries make with their Google My Business listing is they treat is as a “set it and forget it” marketing feature. In order to maximize its extensive worth, dealership’s should check the information frequently to makes sure it’s up to date.

Not only does old information hurt your ranking in Google, but it also can ruin your prospect’s attempts to visit your website or dealership.

Fixing this is as simple as regularly reviewing all the information in your account and changing things when necessary. If you move locations, update staffing, or change contact information, it’s wise to update that in your page so shoppers don’t get frustrated looking for you and move to the next on the list.

  1. Double Down On The Review Feature

We’re going to stress this until we’re blue in the face, buyers care most about what other buyers have said (especially new buyers). Not only that, Google cares about them, too.

Therefore, one of the best things you can do to get new leads is double down on your Google My Business reviews. Do this by accessing your listing, clicking the review section, and get your business’ specific URL that you can send to your thrilled customers.

Once Google verifies the review, it will post to your listing. With enough positive reviews, Google will index your page to the top of relevant search pages and you’ll likely be the first thing clients see.

  1. Set Up Your Booking Feature

Most dealerships have (or should have) their booking feature up on their website so shoppers can simply click the time that works best and schedule it that way without having to email or call.

You can take this great strategy one big step further by working out the booking feature on your GMB listing. By taking one step out of the buying process, buyers are able to find and buy from you easily. This is a great feature for repeat customers already familiar with your business, as well as customers who are looking for the most convenient option.

Once it’s up, you can access it from your Google My Business account. From there, you can manage your bookings, change your times, close booking availability, and share your bookings link so prospects can find it easier.Keep car brakes less squeeky

  1. Use The Analytics It Gives You

Google My Business gives you great analytics, so using them is vital. Brand searches, direct searches, discovery searches, search queries, mobile vs. desktop – the list of great insights and KPIs goes on and on.

With this you’re able to find out whether the people who find you do so because they either know your brand or found out through Google search, and what terms they searched that brought them to you.

  1. Post Plenty Of Quality Pictures

Google always shows images under each GMB listing that it thinks apply to your dealership. If they’re poor and low quality, irrelevant photos, it’ll hurt and low your ranking and your attraction from your target audience.

The best way to ensure Google and buyers see the best aspects of your business is to post them there yourself.

Focus on posting these types of images:

  • Your dealership departments
  • Your inventory
  • Your logo and comprehensive dealership photos
  • The management team.

These are the primary things buyers want to familiarize themselves with before visiting, so Google will push these higher.

However, there are always a few caveats. When uploading them, make sure the alt text and description always include what the image is about. That’s how Google “reads” the photos and relates them to your listing and brand.