Take Care of Your Roof This Fall with These 6 Tips

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves turn different colors, so do our daily routines. Fall brings hints of winter and ideas about how to get ready for it. Roof maintenance is very important, especially now, to make sure your roof can handle the harsh winter weather. Here are six things you should know about roof maintenance for the fall.

Wash Out Your Gutters

Even though fall leaves are pretty, they always fall, and sometimes that means they end up in your gutters. You should clean out your gutters in the fall to get rid of all the leaves and other things that can get stuck in them. If you don’t take care of these, they can build up in the winter when it snows and turns to ice. This can lead to clogged gutters and even ice dams.

Mold can also grow in gutters that are dirty. Mold can hurt your gutters and your health, as it can irritate your eyes, skin, mouth, and throat, make asthma worse, and more. Mold and debris can cause your gutters to start to rot, which means you will have to fix them. Keep your gutters clean so they don’t get clogged and moldy and cause you to need a repair.

Install Gutter Guards

You should clean out your gutters, but installing gutter guards can make that job easier. As the name suggests, they keep leaves and other things from getting into your gutters. This keeps them cleaner for longer.

Get Rid of the Trash

Leaves and other trash can build up on your roof as well as in your gutters. Getting rid of that is an important part of roof maintenance in the fall. This is because snow and debris can make your roof heavier and create places where ice can form, which can damage your roof.

Cut Back Your Trees

Trimming your trees will help reduce the amount of debris that gets on your roof in the first place. This is an important part of both roof and yard maintenance. By cutting back any branches that are too close, you can also prevent damage that could happen if a branch broke during a storm or from the weight of snow and fell on your roof.

There are other ways that trees that aren’t trimmed can damage your roof. The branches can scratch your roof’s shingles and attract animals, which could cause more problems.

Plan a Proper Roof Inspection

By having a professional look at your roof, you can make sure it is in good shape for fall and winter. Roof inspections are an important part of roof maintenance. During an inspection, you look over your whole roof and all of its parts to see if anything is wrong. Since your roof is so important to the structure of your home and to your comfort and safety, you should check it at least twice a year.

Fix Any Roof Damage

When it’s cold outside, the last thing you want is a roof that leaks. If your roof needs work, you should do it in the fall before the snow comes. If you don’t fix small problems or damage to your roof, they can get worse and cost you a lot more over time. Catching them early is best. During the roof inspection, the professional will show you any places that need fixing so you can take care of them.

Need Routine Maintenance Check on Your Roof?

We offer free roof inspections at Wayne NJ Roofing, and we’re happy to come out and look at your roof for you. We can also fix and replace roofs, so if we see something wrong we can help you fix it. Contact us at Wayne NJ Roofing today to set up an appointment or if you have any questions about roof maintenance or any of our other roofing services. We’ll hurry over.

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