Driving Safety – 4 Things You Should Never Do While Driving

Just about every driver knows you should refrain from driving after drinking alcohol, but that’s not the only prerequisite for a safe journey. Read on to learn more about four other behaviors that should be avoided to ensure driving safety.


This one has been hammered home by so many outlets that one would think it might be obvious, but, alas, that isn’t the case. A 2019 study showed that nearly 25 percent of all car accidents in the US are caused by texting and driving. If that alone doesn’t give you pause, consider this comparison: Drivers who text behind the wheel are six times more likely to get in an accident than drunk drivers. If your mobile phone has a function that disables the texting function when a vehicle is in motion, engage it to avoid temptation. Otherwise, just leave the phone out of reach with the ringer off while in the car.


While this one might sound comical, it happens more often than you’d think. Even the act of pulling a sweatshirt on or off is too distracting when you’re trying to safely operate a vehicle. If you need to make a wardrobe adjustments, pull off to the side of the road and take care of it there.


Most people have been guilty of this one at one time or another, but it’s every bit as neglectful of driving safety as texting while on the road. One of the worst collisions in US history involved a bus driver falling asleep and rear-ending a semi going high speed. Even if you don’t actually fall asleep at the wheel, your reflexes and cognitive function slow down when you’re tired or drowsy. Pullover and find a place to rest for a while before moving on.


Even if you follow all of the best practices for safe driving, accidents happen. Whether you make a mistake or someone else on the road does, anyone could find themselves stuck on the side of the road. When something goes wrong, make sure you know a company that will assist you quickly and efficiently.

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Quick tips to stop your brake from squeaking

Keep car brakes less squeeky

Purchasing or having a car is such a great thing to happen, it is proof of how deserving you are of great things. Nowadays, most teenagers want to have a car, they don’t know that you have to earn before you get a car, or earn it like doing great in school and being a good son or daughter. But remember when you want to own a car make sure you have the characteristics of a good car owner.

When you want to own a car, make sure you are going to be a responsible car owner. Just as anything else, a car can degrade in time, and problems could come and go. But again, just like some things, problems come and stay.

A car can have problems that you can give a solution with and problems that don’t have any solution to fixing it. The best things to do before these problems happen is to properly maintain your car. Prevent it from happening by taking care of your car and giving it the proper maintenance it needs. Now, one of the most common problems a car could have is flat tires, spark plug problems, and many more. But we’re here to talk about your brakes, brakes can have problems too, it can be mild and it could really be disastrous.

Check your brakes

Always check your brakes from time to time. Make sure that there are no loose parts in your brakes. Most of the time, if you’ve got loose parts in your brakes, that loose part will be the cause of the noise. So make sure to always check on your brakes.

Check your brake pads

If you have no loose parts, go on and check your brake pads. Your brake pads might be worn out that’s why it makes noises. If you have a worn out brake pad replace it immediately, if you don’t know how to replace a brake pad, immediately go to the best and nearest automotive repair shop in your town. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to let any repair shop touch your car since you don’t want more expenses, we’ll leave you some steps on how to replace a brake pad.

The first step is you need to get your car off the ground next, remove the caliper and brake pads, proceed on replacing the brake pads, next is you replace your caliper assembly, and the last step is optional, if you want to change your tires then go ahead but remember it is only optional, but it is best if you have it changed. Hope this would help you.

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Car’s Paint

red car being painted in a garage

Your car’s paint is the most vulnerable to damage each day. Just like our skin, it is sensitive and easily gets damaged. Your vehicle’s paint could take damage in a lot of ways. For example, if your vehicle is just sitting outside your home and it’s under the scorching heat of the sun, when your vehicle is exposed to constant changing of temperature, in this situation the vehicle’s paint will expand and contract depending on the situation, which will lead to openings and cracks. Another examples are stones or rocks, it is hard to avoid stones or rocks to hit your car since a car is made for outdoor transportation, also if there are unruly kids in your neighborhood who just want to throw rocks at cars because they think it’s fun. Another common example is contaminated cleaning cloths – these are contaminated cloths having some debris or tiny hard particles, sometimes we don’t know that our cleaning cloths have small hard particles and we rub it in our car causing damage to its paint job. Having all these damage and problems for your paint job is hard to avoid. So we have gathered information on how to prolong the life of your car paint for you to know.

Car wash

Constantly give your car a wash. It is unavoidable for your car to become dirty, or for it to be free of dirt, or solid or liquid residue, and some can harm your car especially chemicals, so in order to be sure that your vehicle is free of any dirt, give it a wash.


Avoid getting stains in your car, if the stains are left uncleaned in your car, it could leave an unappealing mark to your vehicle which is another form of damage. Or other stains like that has chemicals are important to get taken care of since chemicals can damage your car badly.

Wax your car

Wax your car from time to time, there are a lot of different types of wax for vehicles, they vary regarding the longevity of protecting your cars paint. If you are a busy person and don’t want to wax your vehicle weekly, you might as well get the ones that protect your paint for a month or months. Applying wax to your vehicle protects your paint from damages but only for a period of time.

Apply sealants

Just like the wax, sealants come in various types too. Before applying your wax, apply sealants first to your car, if you apply the wax first before the sealant, the sealant won’t be able to seat in your car properly. So make sure to do the right procedure.

How to Remove Rust on a Car

Our car is made out of metal which can easily get rusted out – and you don’t want that to happen, don’t you? Rust kills the parts of your car – a small rusted part can spread causing you a much bigger problem to deal with. Given sufficient time, water, and oxygen, anything that is made up of iron will turn into rust and eventually slowly disintegrate. Below are provided information for you on how to remove a rust on a car.

Get yourself ready

Firstly, be ready and prepared before doing anything so you could do it successfully. Be ready by having the knowledge on how to use your tools. Prepare everything you need, your sandpaper, newspaper, vinegar, gloves, rags, face masks, primer, and masking tape. Of course, safety is the number 1 priority so make sure you have gloves, masks, and eye protection glasses intact because some of the materials you are to use may be dangerous to yourself and others. In addition, removing the rust can release tiny particles in the air making them airborne and cause injury – so it’s better to take precautions. For bigger rust removal jobs, use a respirator rather than using an ordinary mask for added safety.


Using the masking tape, mask up or cover up the other parts of the vehicle around the rusted one to avoid damaging it. It is better to be sure and it is still what experts do cause you never know if you might make a mistake. Make sure your masking is tidy and right.


Sanding is done to take off the paint and the primer to make your job easier. Sand the paint in the rusted area leaving everything clear. Use a sander, if you have a dual action sander, it is better for it will provide easier and much effective sanding. 

Metal grinding

Use a metal grinding wheel if you have large and thick rust build ups. You have to be careful on this part since the metal grinding wheel can cause a big damage to your car’s body causing you a bigger problem, and you don’t want that to happen. So go easy on it.


Before priming, wipe the area with a paint thinner and make use of that newspaper by placing it in the ground to catch all those hazardous minerals. After wiping the area with a thinner you can now apply the primer, but primers may vary so check the label first for instructions on how to use or where to apply it – better yet, talk to an expert where you bought your primer.

Sand again

Sand the area again using a 400 grit wet sandpaper. You perform this for making the surface smooth and to degloss it so the paint can bond properly. Rinse your sandpaper once in a while. After sanding wash the surface with a little mixture of soap and water to clean the surface.

Apply your paint

Buy a spray paint matching your car’s color. Apply the paint to the surface. But apply by thin coats only because you do not want paint running down the car’s surface. Allow the paint to seat there for at least 24 hours. After the time period, and the paint is not tacky anymore, you can now remove all the tapes.

Buff your car

Apply a clear coat when buffing your car to make it match the finish of the other parts of the car.


After 30 days or so, you can now perform the last and most satisfying part, which is to polish your car making it look new, shiny, and glossy again. Do not wax within the 30 days because it may cause the paint to get peeled off.

Car Care Tips for Automobile Longevity

Let us start this blog with an article with the most important thing you can do for your car – its Maintenance! If we want a long-living, good-looking car, we should commit ourselves to taking care of it. Consistent care is all it needs so you can take advantage of it full for the longest time. Here are some Car Care Tips on how to maintain your precious, loving car!

Change Your Oil

This is what we usually hear and one of the basic advice you will get from your mechanic. Well, you won’t hear this all the time if it doesn’t do any good to your car, right? Treat the oil as your engine’s blood. So any leaks should be fixed right away since all loss is critical. Have your oils changed every 3,000 miles and you’ll be sure to keep the engine running smoothly.


Learn how to check your transmission fluid level regularly, maintaining it at the desired level. It is also preferred to be changed for every 50,000 miles – to maintain the proper lubrication of all moving parts in there. Always check your user’s manual to know what type of fluid to use.4


Maintaining your coolant level is VERY important – if not, it may damage your engine. Coolants are significant since it prevents your engine to heat up or to freeze during winter. Also be sure your cooling fans, hoses and water pump are in good working condition.

Tip: Never open the coolant cap when the car is warm. It may cause a sudden burst of steam that may cause you serious burns. Always be cautious and wait for the car to totally cool down.

Spark Plugs

This is what ignites the mixture of fuel and air in a car’s cylinder. Over time, the spark plugs get old and carry on with wear and tear. These need to be checked on and changed as needed.

Air Filter

Filters need to be cleaned and unclogged as needed. If this isn’t properly checked on, it won’t work properly and may have effects on the fuel efficiency of the car and the way it accelerates.


Brake linings are really meant to wear down and eventually are needed to be replaced. I suggest having a professional mechanic do it since it will require you to jack the car up and remove the wheels. The lining is important since it protects the brake disks and other important parts of the brake.

Also, be sure to check your brake fluids. It is recommended to change it every 2 years since certain temperatures can cause the fluid to boil and evaporate which can cause a brake failure.


This is one aspect that is very important but commonly overlooked. Maintain the air pressure in them, as much as possible. Tires are really prone to wear and tear, that’s why regularly checking for damages is important. Remember, the better your tires are, the better the performance and the less risk of an accident.

Give your car the care and maintenance it needs and it will be your faithful companion for a long period of time.